Let’s Go Back to the Start

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Hello, everyone!

It’s July 1st, the start of a new month and also the start of the second half of the year. Where did those first six months go, right? Also, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, which is something I fully intent to change by the way, so I figured what a better way to come back than to make a check-in post about our New Year’s Resolutions during these past six months.

So, for those who didn’t read my New Year’s post and for the ones that did but don’t remember a word of it (I know. I got you, it’s been a while), I talked about how much I love new beginnings and setting goals for the new year but how I also think it’s important to pause for a second and look back towards what we’ve done during the previous year in order to appreciate  the moment we are currently in.

Now, I know it’s still 2018 and even when we’re not at the beginning of the year, we still can take a look back and apply what we’ve learned so far to the next six months. By saying this, I don’t mean we have to establish a whole new set of resolutions for the year (although you can totally do it, if you want), but we can do track our progress on our current goals during this time in order to have a clear perspective of what we need to do next to achieve them if we haven’t already.

Let’s look at it like a following a customized roadmap, where we get to set up check-in progress points so we can adjust the road if needed. That way we can decide whether the strategy we currently have is working and in which areas we are performing better so then we can make the necessary changes, keep ourselves motivated and achieve our goals.




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