One Year Around The Sun

One year

It’s almost 11pm and I just noticed it’s been an entire year since I started this blog and I couldn’t be more thankful I did it because of two main reasons.

First, writing has always been one of those things I did whenever I had free time and even then I usually was writing little paragraphs or phrases when inspiration hit. I mean, I even got into writing fan fiction for a while and according to the reviews and favorites my stories got, apparently I was good. However, when I graduated high school and got into college I suddenly stopped. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to write or was lacking inspiration because I did have things to say but I couldn’t find a platform that make me feel comfortable enough to do it. That’s until I finally gathered the courage to take on this idea that had been going through my mind for a while and created this blog. Which, even if I haven’t posted that much yet, had tremendously helped me with finding my voice, connect with it and just getting used to write again.

Second, having this blog as an outlet has definitely been useful to make up my mind about some changes I was afraid to make. Especially when discovering what I really am looking forward to do in the future and being okay with not always knowing what’s in store for me and just taking risks.

So I know this post is shorter than usual but I just wanted to acknowledge this milestone and thank everyone that’s been here during this first year.

Here’s to more great things to come!




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