What College Have Taught Me So Far

Back to school

Now regardless of what the title of this post says I’m not going to burden you with how much my Calculus class sucked or how AP Microeconomics almost made me cry last year I’ve already did that to my friends. Yeah, Business Major here! But since it’s school season again and almost everyone has gone back to college this week or started it, I figured it out I may have some helpful tips. Afterall I’ve only been here since the summer of 2014 so hopefully I learned something.


As cliché as I know it sounds, the relationships you make in college are one of the most important friendships you’re going to have in your life. And yes, I know it can be tiring to hear specially when you’re just a freshman and everyone is telling you the whole do’s and dont’s of school but let’s think about it. You’re going to spend almost a year with those people and see them almost everyday and that’s only during school season. So even when there would be times when you’d want to hit them straight in the face and let’s be honest, probably do it,  you’re in for the long run with them. Now, that’s not a bad thing at all, quite contrary actually. Most of the time you’ll have similar interests and similar majors if not the same one, so you’ll have people to study with and bond over how much college sucks sometimes. And even when your friends are as different from you as they can be, you’d still have a great support group that gets what you’re going through and who’ll make great party buddies.


So this one it’s a bit obvious because in college you’ll definitely have way more course work to do and at times it’ll be a bit overwhelming specially when you’re starting and getting the hand of it. However, remember that you’re there to learn and even if having good grades is important that will not determine your worth as a person and you can always do better the next semester. Besides there are tons of tools that are there to help you better organize and that no matter the type of student you’re can adapt to your needs. And if you’re struggling and feel like nothing is working you can always take a break, rest your brain, maybe go out and relax and then start again with a more fresh mind. Nobody is going to judge you for that because at some point we all have been there and get what’s that like.


Or as what you most likely will have to call them Professors and if they’re a bit more stern “That’s Doctor for you, son”. On that note, forget about the whole motherly style of teaching you probably got from some of your teachers up until highschool. Because now most of them won’t be behind you trying to now how you’re doing and if you’ve already started with your final project. Most of them won’t even seem to care if you’re attending their lectures and that doesn’t mean they’re bad people but that they’re trying to prepare you for a world where you’re mostly on your own and have to track your own progress. Also, this doesn’t mean either they’re not there to help you when you have a problem related to their class or college in general and even when it’s not related they will still hear you out. That’s why it’s important that you forge a good relationship with them and because you never know, maybe in the future they could help you with getting an internship, scoring some extra credits or just with having some high quality contact in your list of acquaintances.


So there you have it guys, I hope you’ll find this helpful and are off to the start of a great semester! And if you’re not in college, hopefully you still enjoyed reading this post.







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