Back to my Hometown


These past few days I’ve been staying at my grandma’s house back in my hometown and it’s been quite the eye-opening experience, especially because I’ve realized that my relationship with this city has changed a bit throughout the years.

Even when I was born here I don’t remember living in this city because my parents and I moved to another place when I was almost two. However, ever since I was a little kid I do remember spending every summer back in my hometown just hanging around with my cousins, uncles, aunts and of course with my grandparents. Most of my childhood memories are filled with happy and funny moments spent at their house either playing board games with my grandpa who couldn’t stand the fact that I didn’t know how to properly play checkers, running around the three-storey house with my cousins or even just chatting with my grandma and her friends.

We’ve always been a really close family so it’s no wonder that every time school ended I was eager to go back to my grandparents’ house. That is until I turned 15 or so when my teenage years kicked in and all I wanted was to stay at home and go out with my friends. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to spend time back there but I definitely didn’t want to spend my whole summer away from my friends.

Flash forward to less than a month away from turning 20 I’m back again in my hometown enjoying how simple and stress-free life can be here, away from my high-speed life and all the chaos and craziness that sometimes comes with it. So now that I really get to appreciate that contrast, I realize that I’m in my happy place and that this house is my safe haven. It always have been and it always will be.




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