The Beginning of Everything

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Everyone that’s close to me knows how much I like to put Spotify  on shuffle  just because it can lead me to rediscover songs I absolutely love and forgot I saved and also because I’m way too lazy to scroll through my playlists and search for specifics songs. So that’s exactly what I was doing while trying to write this when Hold my hand by Jess Glynne started to play.

Fun fact, the lyrics quite relate to the purpose of this blog and why I’ve started in the first place. How come? Well, through the past few months my Facebook feed have been full with pictures and posts of newborn babies, weddings, engagements celebrations and even graduation parties and it kind of overwhelmed me but it also got me thinking.

While it’s true that the friends and family members those posts belong to are a few years older than me since they’re in their mid-twenties to early thirties. I realized most of them know what they want out of life and are already settling down. And while I’m quite happy for all of them that also made me noticed how I have no idea about what I’m going to do in the future, where I’m at and even less where I will be.

That’s why now that I’m less than two months away from turning 20 I’ve figured out that I should start a quite needed soul-searching journey in order to know me better, keep working towards being happy and enjoying what I do, which is where the blog comes in handy. Because I know I’m definitely not the only one feeling this way and speaking out about it could be helpful to those that can relate.

So darling won’t you hold my hand? Cause I’m ready for this.




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